Health Benefits

Matcha is a ground powder form of green tea and the drinkers are able to injest the nutrients and umami contained in whole tea leaves.   Caffeine and Catechins speed up metabolism thus expected to promote weight loss.  We recommend starting with 6g (approximately 1tbsp) of Matcha everyday!

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The Main Components and Benefits of Matcha


Relaxing Effect

*    Theanine is a type of amino acid that gives sweetness and umami.


Caffeine induces alertness, has a diuretic effect, increases athletic performance, and boosts energy.


Catechin has been known to slow the growth of cancer , to suppress cholesterol , to burn fat (supports weight loss), and has an antioxidant effect (anti-aging, healthy skin).


      β-Carotene ( turns into Vitamin A when consumed), Vitamin C, E
Antioxidant Effects (prevents aging, promotes healthy skin)

*    If taken with Catechins, it boosts the antioxidant effect further.

*    Because we consume the whole tealeaves, we can take in β-Carotene and Vitamin E which are fat soluble and otherwise hard to absorb.


      Vitamin B1, 2
Lowers blood sugar and boosts energy


      Dietary Fiber
Regulates digestion


Prevents diseases, promotes weight loss, maintains healthy skin

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