About Shipping

Your order will be delivered to you safe and sound. Details regarding shipping can be found below.

Shipping Information

Select from the following shipping options:
 -EMS Global Express Mail Service
 -International ePacket (weight limit up to 2kg/4.40lb)

Please allow up to 2 weeks for your order to arrive.  Please also note that estimated delivery date does not guarantee the delivery on that date.  It may take up to 4 weeks depending on the postal service and customs condition in your country.

We take great care in packing and delivering your orders.  However, it may be damaged due to some unforeseen circumstances. If, in the unlikely event you receive any damaged or defective packages, please decline the receipt and request it to be taken back to the postal office.  With the presence of a local postmaster, have the package open and inspected to see anything missing or damaged.  If you wish to return or replace the item, please contact us.  For further information, please refer to the Return Policy.
> Return Policy

About Tracking Shipments

We will notify you of the tracking number when the shipment is complete if shipping via EMS.  To track your package, you may access the URL below. Tracking packages sent by International  ePacket is only offered in select destination countries.  
> Japan Postal Service: EMS tracking Confirmation of Outbound EMS Mail

About Shipping Fees

Shipping fees will automatically be calculated based on weight and country of destination.
> Japan Postal Service: Rate schedule(EMS:All Zones)
> Japan Postal Service: Rate schedule(International Mail)